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Don't forget to smell the flowers



Life can often feel like an endless train ride, where the doors just won’t open to let you out. Almost everyone knows what it’s like when constant urgencies seem to be materialising out of thin air, when all we want to do is just go home and relax.



The initial idea was to make a t-shirt around the simple idea of appreciating the little things in life, and not forgetting to occasionally stop and “smell the flowers”



The image on the t-shirt is of a Poet’s daffodil, or “Narcissus Poeticus”, which has an interesting little story behind it, and we thought it fit the meaningful image of our brand perfectly. As we like to offer a bit of food for thought with each of our designs



In Greek mythology, a beautiful man by the name of Narcissus saw his own reflection in water, he fell in love with it and could not look away. He withered away and died at the bank of the river which reflected his face. The Poet’s daffodil bloomed at the place of his death, and thus the flower was named after him. He did not know how to appreciate the things around him… Let his story be a warning of the dangers of egocentricity



As for the promotion of this new release, we partnered up with the talented Luke Worrall from @eversoentertainment over on Instagram, to create this masterpiece of a video:



The t-shirt itself is very high-quality cotton, with a beautiful, premium DTG print, finished off with our beautiful “Poet” labels.  


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