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Poet - streetwear clothing entering its new era



Our brand was first named CulturetheShop and was started on the app Depop. It was a shop like many others, finding and selling unique used clothing, sourced from charity shops in the East Midlands region.  


As our brand grew and gained followers, so did our ambition. We soon got hooked on the intricacies of design and started to create our own products, with the intent of sharing our passion and ideas with other people.


We then opened our own website, and it was time to change the brand from a simple store on Depop, into a recognizable streetwear label. The brand name had to be something all-encompassing, something that can take inspiration from an unlimited number of sources, as well as give us the ability to turn it into relevant designs that would resonate with an aware audience. Thus, Poet was born. 


At our core, each one of us is a poet. We find an ingrained need to express ourselves creatively and formulate our own narratives, based on the world around us. 



Poetry itself may be considered a dying art, however, it is still widely influential on our culture, as it depicts the reality of its time. 


At a couple thousand Instagram followers, as well as hundreds of daily website visitors, we have found a body of supporters within our own community, giving us the belief that we can conquer the wider market and expose people to our unique ideas and innovative way of thinking. 



Our brand will always be focused on telling authentic stories through our own perspective, about the past, present, and future. 


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